Mark Turner Invited To Sit On UK Aerodrome Operations Training Standards Groups

National Occupational Standard ( NOS ) is a document that describes the knowledge, skills and understanding an individual needs to be competent at a job.

This month (February 2021) MJ Airport Associates Ltd have been asked to attend and contribute to two different working groups to help review and improve workplace occupational standards within the aerodrome safety and operations sector.

Attendance at the first group will involve reviewing and amending the suite of 88 different National Occupational Standards (NOS) in Aviation Operations on the Ground.

NOS are developed by Standard Setting Organisations (SSO) who consult with employers and other stakeholders across each of the UK nations, (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England). This consultation process allows any specific requirements to be considered by each nation and the result is a set of NOS that are suitable for use across the UK. The NOS, which are set out in a common format, are approved on a four-nation basis and content is scrutinised by SQA Accreditation. Each NOS has a published date stating when it was approved, and the most current NOS are listed in this database. There is also an anticipated review date and this will be used as a guide to when they require reviewing and feedback from stakeholders is taken to influence when this is commissioned.

Although NOS are developed as individual measures of competence, they are grouped in Suites which identify the sector they relate to and there are approx. 900 suites at present, with almost 23,000 separate NOS. They cover a wide range of sectors. The suite titled Aviation Operations on the Ground is acknowledged by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and since 2014 they have been referred to from within CAP 1168 – Guidance Material for Organisations, Operations and Design Requirements for Aerodromes under Guidance Material: The Management System; Training Programmes.

Mark has also been invited to chair the Training Sub-Group of the Combined Aerodrome Safeguarding Team (CAST) Technical Focus Group. This newly created focus group will discuss and review issues relating to aerodrome safeguarding, including Instrument Flight Procedures (IFP), navigational aids and aerodrome surveys, with the training sub-group tasked with reviewing workplace standards and training syllabi.

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