MJ Airport Sees an Unprecedented Volume of Business in 2023!

Learning support demand from aerodrome operators and competent authorities has hit unprecedented levels as a very strong bounce-back for the aviation sector has been experienced following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite pessimistic forecasts from global agencies, the rapid recovery in the aviation sector has resulted in an influx of inexperienced personnel into aerodrome operations and safety, which in-turn has seen MJ Airport’s demand surge. Aerodrome operators have also been playing ‘catch-up’ on their training and proficiency check programmes, ensuring that even experienced members of staff remain competent in their roles.

CGN Ops Training
Photo: Cologne-Bonn Airport Aerodrome Operations personnel refreshed their knowledge and understanding and upskilled after attending a 2-day ‘Aerodrome Works’ and ‘Aerodrome Operations’ recurrent training course in November 2023.

As a result of the spike in demand MJ Airport Associates Ltd are currently working to a learning delivery lead-in timeframe of approximately 16 weeks. To avoid disappointment contact MJ Airport at the earliest opportunity to secure your 2024 learning support!

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