"MJ Airport have promised and delivered numerous accredited aviation qualification assessment sessions here at Heathrow. To have an ability to come to such a diverse and busy airport and adapt to the environment, the personnel and the operating procedures is testimony to their ability to absorb and interpret, coupled with experience and overall knowledge.  All staff that have been fortunate to have either been assessed or have listened to one of their classroom sessions have commented positively on the nature, knowledge, teaching style and overall skills applied to encourage learning and more importantly to check and re-check understanding. Overall, Heathrow Airport have been extremely pleased that MJ Airport have become part of the training and assessment support to Heathrow Airport Ltd over the past 10 years."

Jack Jacobs, Airfield Operations Training Manager, Heathrow Airport


"MJ Airport deliver(s) a comprehensive portfolio of airside operations and safety management training courses. It is evident from the trainer's own experience, in a high-density airport environment, that this enables the needs of any training delegates at both management and operative levels to be fully satisfied. With a sound knowledge of UK and international standards his interactive training style encourages delegates to share best practice in the context of regulatory requirements."

Radford Taylor, Director of Operations, Manchester Airport


"MJ Airport is London Luton Airport's chosen training provider for Aerodrome Operations. I have worked with Company Director, Mark Turner, for over 5 years and in that time he has assisted in delivering a first-class, multi-skilled Airside Operations team. MJ Airport possesses 4 essential qualities; knowledge that is relevant, an engaging style of delivery, dependability and above all likeability - the team never fail to come away from training feeling they have really gained something."

Liam Bolger, Head of Airside, London Luton Airport



"After performing an Aerodrome Safety Audit at our airport, MJ Airport were able to identify areas of strength and weakness of our SMS, and to suggest ways forward. Company director, Mark Turner, is a very well qualified professional in his field and always delivers to the highest standards. Our airport will continue to work with MJ Airport in the future, continuing the audit process and providing high-quality staff training, with the aim of making Riga International Airport the safest airport in Northern Europe."

Dzintra Jatniece, Director - Airfield Management Department, Riga International Airport


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"MJ Airport delivered an excellent job at Cologne-Bonn Airport. Based upon director Mark Turner’s comprehensive airfield operations-focussed background and experience MJ Airport conducted an Aerodrome Safety Audit which encompassed all aspects of operational safety in a highly professional manner. The subsequent audit report pin-pointed where there was demand for further improvement in our safety measures. We very much appreciated MJ Airport's recommendations according to industry good practice in this field. We strongly assume that our co-operation will continue."

Hans-Joachim Mund, SMS Manager, Cologne-Bonn Airport


"Having worked with Mark  over the last 6 years, I was confident that he would be the person I needed to deliver theoretical training to the team at Southampton. The restrictions that have been implemented since the Covid-19 outbreak have hit businesses hard and following an internal restructure at Southampton Airport I was in need of a trainer who could deliver a product that would satisfy our regulator and demonstrate that the remaining members of the team were competent in key subject areas.


Once Mark had been advised of my requirements, he quickly put together training sessions and test papers that confirm the team have demonstrated knowledge and understanding, ensuring my team remain competent for another 12 months.


Mark has the experience and personality to keep staff engaged throughout and I look forward to working with him again soon."

Dan Riggs, Airside Operations Manager, Southampton Airport


"The Airfield Operations team at Norwich Airport has benefited immensely from the training it has received from Mark Turner of MJ Airport. Mark has an outstanding knowledge of all aspects within the airfield operations role and the holistic training style which Mark has perfected keeps the attention of all course candidates throughout the days training. His interaction with course candidates is a refreshing change to otherwise 'death by PowerPoint' presentations. Mark has become a friend to us all at Norwich and I can recommend his training services to any potential customers within the aviation industry."

Steven Taylor, Deputy Airfield Operations Manager, Norwich International Airport