Services - Training (On-site/Residential/Virtual)

In accordance with our internal quality assurance (IQA) programme, all of our training courses are reviewed and refreshed on at least an annual basis. Current training courses offered, include but are not limited to:

  • Aerodrome Certification Rules
  • Aerodrome Meteorology
  • Aerodrome Safety & Operations:
     - Basic
     - Intermediate
     - Advanced
  • Aerodrome Emergency Planning
  • Aerodrome Safety Auditing
  • Aerodrome Inspections
  • Aerodrome Physical Characteristics
  • Aircraft ‘Follow-Me’
  • Apron Health & Safety
  • Aircraft Identification
  • Airside Incident & Accident Investigation
  • Aircraft Marshaller
  • Aircraft Marshaller ‘Train-the-Trainer’
  • Airside Hazards and Risks
  • Airside Safety Assurance
  • Apron Turnaround Safety
  • Declared Distances
  • Conflict Management on the Apron
  • Human and Organisational Factors
  • ICAO Global Reporting Format (GRF)
  • Introduction to ICAO Annex 14, Vol. 1
  • Introduction to Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  • Low Visibility Operations (LVO’s)
  • Managing Aerodrome Work In Progress (WIP)
  • Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS)
  • Re-Declaring Runway Distances
  • Runway Safety (Incursion and Excursion Awareness)
  • 'Train-the-Trainer'
  • Wildlife Hazard Management
  • Winter Weather Operations

Where applicable course content satisfies UK National Occupational Standards (NOS) and/or UK Professional Standards in Airside Operations, UK/EASA Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC)/Guidance Material (GM) and/or ICAO guidance material.

Our business has experience of training staff at airports in the UK, Europe, Africa, Central America and the Middle-East. Training can be 'tailor-made' to meet your airport's requirements and is delivered at a venue of your choice when it's convenient for your organisation.

Delivered by a well-respected, experienced, friendly and approachable professional with airside safety and operations management experience.

Training courses comprise of innovative, thorough and current course materials, including case studies.

A cost-effective way to train several staff at once whilst at the same time eliminating travel costs for your staff.

Additional Services

  • Aerodrome Safety Auditing;
  • Compliance Monitoring;
  • Wildlife Hazard Auditing;
  • Emergency Planning;
  • Aircraft Turnaround Safety Audits;
  • Staff Competency Checks;
  • Regulatory Compliance Checks; and
  • Delivery and management of accredited aviation qualification programmes.

Contact us for further information or to make a specific request, unique to your airport's requirements, and to discover our highly competitive fees.