Instructor-Led Virtual Training Success!

In recent weeks MJ Airport have been very busy delivering virtual learning to learners at airports in the UK, the Netherlands, Estonia and Latvia!

In early July, a 4-day ‘Intermediate-Level Aerodrome Safety & Operations’ training course was delivered to 16 delegates from both Manchester and East Midlands Airport’s! In August virtual ‘Accident Investigation’ course was delivered to all members of Bristol Airport’s Airside Operations team and virtual training and coaching was provided to a newly appointed Airfield Duty Manager at Heathrow Airport.

The course was really well received, even though many delegates were new to Microsoft Teams!

Notably, a friendly yet professional ‘classroom rapport’ was achieved.

Here’s to successful learning in the ‘new world’ and thanks again for the continued support! Should you be interested in virtual learning as an option for your team then please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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