A First For EASA Aerodrome Compliance?

MJ Airport Associates Ltd conducted proficiency checks with all airside operational members of the team working at Ostend–Bruges International Airport, Belgium, last month.

In what may be a first at a European EASA-certificated aerodrome MJ Airport, from the UK, conducted proficiency checks with Airport Inspector’s, Bird Control Unit staff and Airport Marshaller’s in order to for the aerodrome operator to satisfy EASA compliance with regards to training and proficiency check programmes: AMC3 ADR.OR.D.017(a);(b); GM1 ADR.OR.D.017(c) and GM2 ADR.OR.D.017(c).

Establishing a rapport with candidates and showing a ‘human side’ was key, fundamental qualities learnt whilst working towards achieving an assessor qualification. Thank you, Ostend and well done!

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