2020 Aerodrome Winter Operations Training Course

Over the coming months MJ Airport Associates Ltd will be putting the finishing touches to their refreshed ‘Aerodrome Winter Operations’ training course.

The old course was very popular with clients throughout the United Kingdom, however, the new season training course now includes information about ICAO’s Global Reporting Format (GRF), which will be introduced, internationally, from 5 November 2020.

Training course contents will include:

  • Key regulatory documentation;
  • Aerodrome snowplan;
  • Meteorological information;
  • Preparation and implementation;
  • ICAO Global Reporting Format (GRF):
    • Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM);
    • Runway surface conditions;
    • Runway surface condition descriptors;
    • Runway Condition Codes (RWYCC); and
    • Runway Condition Reports (RCR).
  • Promulgation of information.

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